Return Gifts

People generally give sweet boxes to the close friends and relatives present in the marriage, but with few close relatives, one needs to extend their budget. Also, in case of the inter- family wedding gifts of the bride and the groom, the bride’s family is supposed to gift the close relatives of the bride with jewellery or clothes. The worth of the gift depends on the closeness the person has in terms of their relation with the groom’s family. There are many ceremonies, in which these gifts are given to the relatives of the groom, one of them is milni in Punjabi families, where the male members of the groom’s family are greeted with gifts from the males of the bride’s side. These gifts are given as a token of respect and happinessWe are specialized in Indian Wedding Return Gifts in an Eco manner. Our gifts are 100% Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable and Hand made. They are unique and would stay in your loved ones memory forever. We have wide range of options and could suggest as per the need.

  • We engrave/print Bride & Bridegrooms names in the Gift
  • We could customize the gifts as per the desired design, size and color
  • Our Natural products are 100% hand made by our skillful artisans
  • are Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable
  • 100% on time delivery and with good quality