Mrs. Sundari Balasubramaniam

Managing Director

Mr. AR Balasubramaniam

Director - Marketing & Operations

Matrimony marks of the beginning of a conjugal journey of togetherness. So the occasion that celebrates this venture should not alone be grand, but very special that bear fond remembrances for a lifetime.

Subhamangala can make your bucket-list fairy-tale wedding a breeze by fabricating creative ideas, tailoring the outcome to your budget and arranging everything from scratch to wrap-up for you. We are a wedding planner helping to-be-married people to buy their peace of mind by promising perfection and completeness in the tasks of planning and organizing the big event.

We have a group of professionals allocated for each different task, starting from sourcing to contacting suppliers, from fashioning Mehendi to conducting ritualistic practices, from decoration to catering, from booking venues to buying honeymoon packages and more. We understand the hassles and challenges of conducting an elaborate Indian wedding and hence, include everything in the platter so that you are served full plate.

Our group of event organizers who are not only trained and seasoned, but are all qualified personnel who have received formal education on the vocation. So, they know the inside stories, the process, the right plan of action, the right men to have at hand, etc. to coordinate a situation.

Lack of proper management can turn the event into a fiasco with no happy faces in the end. We can make your wedding the most memorable, happening and yet, so easily done social event of your lives.

Send us a word and we will be there in person to plan it out for “the perfect wedding”.

Aside, we also work as a party organizer for other social events, cultural programs, school fests, family parties, etc.

Subhamangala plans things out impeccably so that the final output is just a scene from the movies. Working with a large group of enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable people, the company is favored for its complete wedding solutions. We surprise our clients by keeping all the troublesome parts to ourselves so that they can live every moment of their wedding without a care in the world.

To make that dream wedding of yours a practical event, we use of our imagination, creative flair and resources to accommodate everything within your budget. To make this possible, our wedding planner takes the disciplined track wherein we start at the basic and do the means during the course so that the pursuit does not leave out anything in the process.

Given below is a precise and sequential blueprint of how we normally execute the complicated process of organizing an event like wedding.

  • Budgeting Marriage
  • Choosing a theme for Wedding
  • Booking a suitable venue for Marriage
  • Shopping for the logistical items for Marriage
  • Listing the guests for Wedding Reception - Marriage
  • Picking or designing invitation cards for Wedding
  • Sending them out to the invitees
  • Selecting the food menu for Marriage - Catering Service
  • Designing custom-made bridal Saree
  • Groom collection for wedding - Reception
  • Selection of color theme for wedding
  • Selecting Musician, orchestra for Reception
  • Conducting the pre-marital rituals
  • Nadaswaram Melam
  • Booking a florist, music band, make-up artist, officiates, etc.
  • Stage Decoration for Wedding
  • Decorating the banquet halls and the adjoining grounds
  • Doing the lighting
  • Bridal make-up and dress-up
  • Welcoming the guests
  • Photography and videography for events
  • Accommodation for the guests in star and budget hotels
  • Transportation
  • Following up with the suppliers

Personally attending to the bride and groom Getting the best honeymoon deals for the preferred destinations

Though wedding concierge service is offered by a multitude of event organizer companies in the market today, you might wonder why us. Well, that is not because we are big, but because we can make it big for you. We believe that a wedding has significance of more than just a celebration in the lives of a marrying couple and their close ones. So, knowing that, we plug in full effort to make it large and perfect in every possible so that the event is remembered as a gala affair one for a very long time. We make a wide choice because we offer:

  • Wedding Assistance all through
  • Friendly workers and hardworking professionals to render the service
  • Efficient logistic management
  • Zero involvement of the clients
  • Affordable packages
  • Services available at all times of the year
  • Services offered for all other social and public ceremonies and gatherings.
  • So, dial us now and have the assurance of a peaceful, well-managed D-day.

"Subhamangala as a wedding planner works closely with you and your family to weave a perfect dream. Whether u wish for small and intimate affair, a large scale royal production or an exotic destination wedding, we will make your event special and memorable. Wedding planned by Subhamangala makes use of the best of vendors from across the globe who are best in quality, highly reliable and experimental when it comes to production. Wedding planning at Subhamangala is all about weaving a perfect dream…."

Subhamangala promoted by Mr. AR. Balasubramanian, who has been in the, Wedding & Event Management Industry from the past 10 years.

We have organized numerous such events, Weddings and parties. We also provide Services to suit your Taste, style, Budget & Requirements. We understand local needs and answer them with good Quality and Choice.

We work by heart to help each other to overcome challenges and provide our clients with Professional, Efficient and Courteous service. We believe that Good Business Relationships are forced from Gracious, Honest, Reliable Service and we are proud of the partnerships we have created over the years.

This dream would not have realized without our dear customers, whose love & support have been our pillars of strength, and our inspiration to reach greater heights.

As people spend lots of money on Weddings and Parties, but they involve themselves in each and every affair in such a way that at the end of the day they feel that they have not seen the wedding of their only Son/Daughter or they have not been able to enjoy the functions. That’s why, a Wedding Planner-Co-ordinator is required to make you, your family & friends comfortable on the day of the Wedding/Event.

We as Wedding Planner are here to take care of everything right from Invitation Cards to Honeymoon Destinations, Theme based Weddings, Musical Extravaganzas and formal Parties and we Organize it all. We make you comfortable to enjoy each and every function along with your family, friends and relatives. We organize for your comfort.

We have our own designer invitation cards showroom and we also provide destination marriage services. Our caterers prepare their food in their own modern kitchen and serve hygienic food at the wedding place.